The story

Taste the golden age

Rembrandt van Rijn is historically one of the world’s most important artists and worked as part of the painters' guild in the Golden Age. In these exclusive artistic societies, the artists and craftsmen shared their knowledge and experience and perfected their style. As proof of membership, the members received a medal that they always carried with them. The guild medal of Rembrandt has been preserved and is the inspiration for the chocolate Rembrandtjes.


The coins

Three typical Dutch flavours


A Dutch liqueur developed around 1620 to celebrate victory in battle. Nowadays, Oranjebitter is customarily consumed during festivities.

Caramel white chocolate made with orange purée and bitter orange peel.

East Indian Spices

Hints of cinnamon and star anise; two of the many spices that were exported across the world by the Dutch East India Company during the Golden Age.

Dark chocolate ganache with cinnamon, vanilla, star anise, cloves, mace, pepper and bay leaf.

Flax seed & Praline

Flax seed was used as a basis for natural paint by Rembrandt. In addition, this cure-all is healthy and, in combination with praline, very tasty.

Milk chocolate with hazelnut and almond praline, linseed oil and feuilletine.

The Product

Made with love

In a time when genuine craft is becoming increasingly rare, the Rembrandtjes are made with heart, head and hands. An authentic Amsterdam chocolatier has created three typical Dutch flavours, reflecting the period in which the Dutch master made his legendary paintings, etchings and drawings.

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A tasteful gift

With a personal touch

Rembrandt can be counted without a doubt as one of the greatest. His unprecedented craftsmanship cannot be challenged and his work is known worldwide. The Rembrandtjes do his legacy justice. They are gifts of high quality, give a positive impression and are suitable for any occasion. If you buy them for yourself, give them away as a present or consider them as the ideal promotional gift: these special chocolate gifts guarantee their weight in gold.

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How to order your Rembrandtjes

All Rembrandtjes are hand-made by an authentic Amsterdam chocolatier. To order one or more boxes, you can order best by the webshop. Do you want to personalize the packaging? Please contact us using the information below for a customized offer.

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